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Monnet Capital B.V. is an independent insurance brokerage & financial advisory company, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The firm was founded to provide specialised financial services to both corporate & private clientele, with principles rooted in the ideals of integratory, independent analysis & value driven metrics.

With over 35 years of combined financial services experience, Monnet Capital is run by seasoned financial consultants. Our experience in dealing with the needs of international and expat clientele has resulted in a true understanding of the challenges of working overseas, yet living locally.

Considering the advent of increased EU financial regulation, ongoing changes in taxation and CRS/FATCA protocols, we are very conscious of working with a select portfolio of providers. We believe there is excess in the market, yet not enough providers are adding true value. As professional expat finacial advisors in Belgium, our aim is to provide clear unbiased advice to our clients in the realm of Corporate, Family, Ethical & Wealth Management services.

Corporate Services

  • Employee Benefit Packages

    Monnet Capital can help you draft & implement tailored Employee benefit packages for your corporate compensation scheme. Read more

  • Employee Pension Transfers

    As European Financial Services Sector (Directive 2006/123/EC) experts, we can help clients with a range of Intergovernmental, Provident & EU pension transfers. Read more

  • Affinity Schemes

    Monnet Capital can help build an affinity scheme tailored to your trade body, non-profit association or membership organization. Contact us

Pension Services

Pension Planning is possibly the most critical, yet least understood area of personal finance for many transient workers in the EU. Whilst the European welfare system is generous on several fronts, it is often inflexible for workers who may be required to move from “contract to contract” or “country to country” during the course of their working lives.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, Monnet Capital's financial planners have the required expertise to help you understand your pension rights and formulate a coherent, long-term pension plan. As a financial consulting firm based in Brussels, Belgium, Monnet Capital is ideally placed to be able to design a pension plan which has your personal circumstances at its core.


Ethical Investment


Wealth Management

Our dedicated Wealth Management & Planning division enables us to provide a holistic approach to managing your assets and investments. Whether you are investing for your retirement, for wealth generation & preservation, or simply to stay ahead of inflation, Monnet Capital´s asset managers have the expertise to guide you through the array of specialised investment vehicles available to you in both Belgium and on a pan-European level.

As a fully licensed, independent insurance brokerage, Monnet Capital is not bound by generic, impersonal investment models. We fully believe that no client is the same, which is why at Monnet Capital you can expect to be treated as an individual. Our Belgium based wealth managers are mindful of the fact that many of our international expat clients have financial and work circumstances that are often transient in terms of currency, residency and tax residency - which is why our investment solutions have inbuilt flexibility.


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Financial News

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